This is not just another success story you have heard from other dating sites. Instead, let me share with you how Chat Filipina came to be.

Some years ago, I was teaching in a Vocational Training center in one of the cities of Negros Oriental Philippines. One of my female students once approached me and asked if I can do a little favor for her. I reluctantly said yes and she began to openly reveal something I wasn’t expecting at all. She told me that she is having a Filipino boyfriend but is also entertaining an American Army veteran. That was a big surprise, I was then asking myself should I interfere with their affair as I absolutely don’t want to mess people’s lives.

Then I proceeded to ask what she really wanted, an advice or whatever. She answered that all she wanted is to have a more private and secure way – away from her Filipino boyfriend’s clasp. There was a void in me to decide to whether help her out or not. She however assured me that she has long planned to cut off the abusive relationship that she and her Filipino boyfriend have. Sure enough, she showed me some pictures on her phone of all the bruises and scratches on her face and arms which she wanted to make use as an evidence if things will go rough. Her supposed special friend is anguish about her whole ordeal.

That cranked me up and somehow made me feel sorry for her. Got her laptop reformatted, installed a VPN, put skype on it and provided new login credentials including emails. She thanked me wholeheartedly and haven’t been seeing her for some years after that.

Then just one day, she sent a friend request on Facebook. At first I was hesitant to accept her friend request but eventually just did it out of curiosity. We then had some little chat and finally told me that she is now in San Francisco with Ted. I then asked her who Ted is, she replied happily and asked me about that incident when she was still my student. Oh yes I remember those days and told her how they both are doing.

To this day, I cannot believe that they were able to pull through those tough years and finally are now a family. My thoughts then came to realize that I can perhaps find a way for other people to meet and date online – for free. I’m not saying that Filipino men are crazy to be with as I am a Filipino too but there are some bad people anywhere not just here in the Philippines but in every part of the world. It just feels so right to be able to close the gap for people to meet and date online, fall in love, and make a family.

Chat Filipina then came as the inspiration to the many souls wanting to finally meet their special someone. We have created a free dating website where you can meet Filipino men and women online. But how do you exactly be able to meet and date a Filipina? Simple, just join our dating website where you can also join forums and discuss your hobby or work. There is no other Philippine dating platform that has a fun and exciting community to help you find your one true love.


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